privacy policy

If you want to start limiting the intrusion into your privacy, at least in terms of basic internet usage, we’re here to prompt you to follow some good internet hygiene.

Get FIREFOX, BRAVE or DISSENTER as an internet browser (or any browser that allows you to install the following “add-ons”): GHOSTERY,, AD BLOCKER PLUS, SELF DESTRUCTING COOKIES, PRIVACY BADGER, HTTPS Everywhere Also make DUCKDUCKGO as your default ‘search engine’ from within your browser preferences.

This way to some extent you control your own browsing fate.

At Zen Black we don’t need to stalk your every move and/or sell your information onto others. Your personal browsing preferences are and should be your own. If we ever use any analytics tools or run tests or to improve our site, you will be able to switch-off such tools with the above suggested browser add-ons.

It will be your choice to exercise.

If we do something meaningful, and if it happens to reach to a substantial audience, then that will be enough incentive for more people to come check us out. You can assist us by spreading the word!

So.. if you weren’t aware of some internet hygiene before, you do now!